Annual Community Appreciation Weekend

Annual Community Appreciation Weekend

The Annual Emerald Bay Outdoor Academy Community Appreciation Weekend is an opportunity to celebrate what has been accomplished and to look toward the future. Naturalists’ past and present, Advisory Team members, financial supporters, and friends of the program are invited to Emerald Bay for a weekend of community building and island activities including snorkeling, kayaking, paddle boarding, archery, hiking, campfires, Beach Tie Gala, and more! Tickets are offered in tiers, with an at-cost option and sponsorship levels.


Our next Community Appreciation Weekend will be held May 27-29. 2023.


Details and registration will be posted in February.

Students at Emerald Bay Sign


  • “Emerald Bay took learning and made it fun, which is hard to do”

    Ava, student
  • “I would say that it was a way to get closer to the people that you see everyday. Like for me I feel closer to my classmates than other classes because of this experience. My class and I were the first class in our school to go to this trip and it was filled with many fun activities. I think other people should visit because they will learn many new things and have fun rather than the everyday to day life. It’s nice to do something different. Like for me I sometimes get bored at home but knowing that I had something to do in a new place was nice compared to the same repetitive lifestyle. All of the staff were very helpful and happy to help and answer any questions that you have. The food was also great! Everything had a great flavor and everything was fresh and warm.”

    Emma, student
  • “Emerald Bay is so much fun, it teaches you to be a good contributor to the environment. It takes doing something serious into something fun! It makes your bunkmates feel like they are family, AND you might make new friends!”

    Liam, student