Our Program

Our team of program specialists will work with you to plan an unforgettable trip for your students. The staff will work to find a week that best fits your calendar and will help you create a completely customized education adventure from over 30 different learning modules that are up to NGSS standards. We offer 3-day, 4-day, or 5-day overnight options and are happy to work with all types of schools; from public to home school groups and anything in between.


Traveling to beautiful Catalina Island is about an hour and a half boat ride from Long Beach California. Go to our Getting to Camp page to find out more about traveling to and from Emerald Bay.


Your school will assign one chaperone to each animal group, an animal group is a group of roughly 16 students that will spend their time together in each class session. These groups will be formed when planning your trip. Our instructors will work with each assigned chaperone and group of students through your stay to provide a fun and memorable education experience.

Join Your Crew

You and your chaperones are an important part of the success of your trip. Your knowledge and experience with the students will help demonstrate appropriate behavior and correct any issues when disciplinary actions may be needed.


Map Your Trip

With over 30 courses to choose from, you are guaranteed to be able to plan a trip that is unique as your students. We offer an emphasis in leadership skills and marine science classes, but also offer plenty of classes in earth sciences and a few opportunities for art. See our Class descriptions for more information.

  • Loved it! Emerald Bay had everything from snorkeling to archery. Everyone was SUPER helpful and polite! If you ever have a chance to spend the weekend here, I highly recommend you do!!

    -Katherine G. Girl Scout/Scout BSA
  • Spending the weekend away at Emerald Bay was a parent’s delight. The youngsters were taken care of extremely well. There was plenty of qualified adult supervision in the water with the kayaks and paddle boards. Being able to watch some of them scuba dive was also quite amazing. I loved the competition on Saturday where the girls were able to put teams together in different age groups and participate in swimming, kayaking, and running. The cabins were great! The food was awesome! I cannot wait to come back!

    Rene G. Girl Scout Leader/Educator
  • “A lot of the students have been stepping out of the box to challenge themselves. We asked them to say yes to things they would normally say no to. I’ve been hearing them say ‘I’m having more than that I thought’ or ‘I’m having a great time.”

  • “I was most looking forward to kayaking and archery, because they are things that you just don’t really get to do anywhere else”

    8th Grade Student
  • “Emerald Bay took learning and made it fun!”

    7th Grade Student
  • “I’ve been coming for 5 years and it’s been amazing. Every single year I’m really looking forward to coming back. I look forward to the fact that I can take kids and experience a lot of their firsts here at Emerald Bay. It’s the first time they are going to ride a boat, their first time they are going to snorkel, the first they time are going to kayak, and for a lot their first time they are going to be away from home.”